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In just one year, the property-related crime rate in Victoria has risen by 15%. Businesses are at just as much risk as homes when it comes to break-ins and theft, and the consequences are equally devastating. Your business being broken into can cause a significant loss of income or stock.

If you’re looking for an expandable, user-friendly, and high-tech security system, the Bosch Solution 6000 is a top-tier choice for Australian homes and businesses. In this Bosch 6000 alarm system review, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of choosing this system, as well as why you should have your security system installed by a licenced professional.

Why Choose The Bosch Solution 6000?


The Bosch Solution 6000 is not a one-size-fits-all security system. Its inherent versatility is one of its most notable features, which allows you to tailor the system around your business’s unique security needs. With the capability to accommodate up to 144 zones, 16 doors, and 990 users, this advanced alarm system is an excellent choice for commercial properties of any size. You can add modules like motion sensors, external sirens, wireless sensors, biometric fingerprint readers, and more. This flexibility is perfect for businesses as they grow and change.

The ability to set up 144 zones means the system can simultaneously monitor multiple areas within a property. Here, each zone is assigned to a specific sensor or detector. This allows for comprehensive and thorough security coverage, no matter how large your property is. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses with larger facilities where different sections might require varying security measures.

The capacity to manage up to 16 doors offers a high level of control over access points in your business. You can also designate specific entrances for staff or customers and restrict access to certain areas if needed. This feature enhances security and smoother flow of people within the premises.

The Bosch Solution 6000 also supports up to 990 users. This means you can assign unique access codes or cards to many users, making it ideal for businesses with a large workforce. It also allows you to grant temporary access to visitors or contractors without compromising overall security. Programmable authority levels allow you to grant each user access to different areas depending on their seniority.

However, with excellent expandability comes the need for careful planning and management. It’s essential to strategically assign zones and access points to maximise the system’s efficiency. For instance, designate high-traffic areas as separate zones to avoid false alarms. Similarly, doors leading to sensitive areas should be given higher security priority.

It’s also crucial to manage user access effectively. Updating access codes regularly and closely monitoring user activity can both help to prevent unauthorised access. The site manager software allows you to view access logs and check that the system is being correctly used. It’s also recommended to train users on the system’s proper operation to prevent accidental triggers.

The Bosch 6000 is also the perfect option for homeowners. The ability to set up zones provides comprehensive security coverage, allowing different areas of the home to be monitored with tailored security measures. Whether it’s protecting the main entrance, backyard, or additional buildings like granny flats or sheds, this zoning feature ensures that your entire property is safeguarded.

With support for multiple doors, homeowners can manage access points efficiently, designating specific entrances for family members, guests, and service personnel while restricting access to sensitive areas.

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Smart Card Reader Integration

This is one of the Bosch Solution 6000’s best features, one that offers an added layer of security: a built-in smart card reader.

The smart card reader empowers users by providing an easy-to-use method for controlling access to their property. Unlike traditional security systems that may require manual entry of codes or passwords, the smart card reader offers a swift and hassle-free alternative. Simply swipe your unique smart card, and voilà – access is granted or denied based on the pre-set preferences. Internal and external readers are also available where required. 

Despite the many advantages, there are still considerations to bear in mind. The smart card system, while user-friendly, also hinges on the user’s responsibility to secure their card. Losing one’s smart card could potentially grant access to unauthorised individuals. Luckily, Bosch has anticipated this and included a feature that allows users to instantly deactivate lost or stolen cards via the system’s user-friendly interface or the iFob Control app.

Woman operating Bosch Solution 6000 alarm system using keypad.

User-Friendly Interface

The Bosch Solution 6000’s user interface is a testament to the brand’s commitment to simplicity, with a design centred around user-friendliness and intuitive operation. The alarm panel employs a text-driven menu system. This feature allows for a more straightforward interaction with the system, which makes it simpler for users to navigate the various security settings, configurations, and modes without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

For those who appreciate a touch of colour in their tech, this Bosch security alarm system certainly doesn’t disappoint. The alarm panel’s colour-coded symbols are visually appealing and functional, serving as a straightforward guide for users. The keys also follow a logical arrangement. In turn, this makes it nice and easy for users to identify and trigger the appropriate response during an emergency. The display with LED backlight is large and easy to read.

The in-built sounder is an additional guide that provides audible feedback to users as they interact with the system. This feature can be convenient in bright or high-glare environments where visual cues might be missed.

Despite its simplicity, this security solution’s interface doesn’t compromise on offering robust security features. Each system is filled with advanced settings and options that can be tailored to meet your property’s specific security needs. Users can adjust the sensitivity of sensors, set alarms for particular zones, and even customise the system’s response to different alarm triggers.

Seamless Smartphone Integration

The Bosch Solution 6000 has taken security system management to new heights by integrating with Bosch’s cloud security system. This innovative feature lets users control their security system using the iFob Control app, essentially treating their smart phone as a remote control device.

The iFob app is the perfect companion to your security system that allows you to arm or disarm your system, view alarm events, and control lights, access doors and gates, all from the palm of your hand. The app also sends push notifications to your phone, alerting you of any alarm activity in real-time. This means that you’ll have instant access to your security system, whether you’re across the street or across the globe.

The integration of the Bosch Solution 6000 with the iFob Control app sets it apart from other systems that require manual control or separate remote devices. The convenience of having all these capabilities in one easy-to-use app on your smartphone is unmatched.

However, we should still touch on some of the potential drawbacks. While the app provides extensive control, it does require a stable internet connection to function optimally. You may experience delays or difficulties controlling your system without reliable internet access.

Man using smartphone to operate Bosch Solution 6000 security system using iFob app.

Unobtrusive Installation Process

Another excellent feature of the Bosch Solution 6000 is its quick and hassle-free installation process.

The Bosch Solution 6000 comes with a Wi-Fi keypad that is unique to its design. This game-changing feature eliminates the need for a traditional hard-wired ethernet setup. The wireless approach is more than a way to hide unsightly cables; it also simplifies the entire installation process.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Is a Wi-Fi setup secure? Can it withstand hacking attempts?’ The answer is a resounding yes. Bosch has developed robust security protocols to protect its wireless systems that maintain the highest level of security.

While the installation process itself is relatively straightforward, it is best handled by a licensed security technician. A technician can quickly hook up the Wi-Fi keypad to your network, and once it’s up and running, it should instantly communicate with other security devices. This connectivity makes adding or removing components, modifying settings, or troubleshooting issues a breeze.

Optimum Performance through Professional Installation

While the Bosch Solution 6000 has been designed for simplicity, achieving the best results often requires a professional touch. This section delves into the importance of professional installation in leveraging the full potential of this advanced security system.

When a professional installs your system, they ensure that each zone is correctly assigned and the doors and users are properly registered. They can also optimise the smart card reader for your exact usage.

There’s also the factor of the Wi-Fi keypad. As we noted earlier, this feature requires a certain level of technical understanding to get it connected and functioning correctly. Professional installers will know how to avoid common pitfalls and get your system up and running quickly.

Regarding integration, professionals should be able to  ensure that your system is synced correctly. This is vital to make the most of the iFob Control app, all the while allowing you to have complete control over the security system from your smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Bosch Solution 6000

How do I program or set up user codes on the Bosch Solution 6000?

To program user codes on the Bosch Solution 6000, follow these steps:

    • Enter your master code followed by the “4” key to enter the user code programming mode.
    • Enter the user number you want to program (e.g., User 2).
    • Enter the desired user code for that user.
    • Press the “#” key to confirm and save the user code.
    • Repeat these steps for additional users if needed.

    Be sure to keep your master code and user codes secure and confidential to maintain the system’s security.

    Can I receive notifications on my phone or email alerts from the Bosch Solution 6000?

    Yes, the Bosch Solution 6000 systems can be set up to send notifications or alerts to your phone or email in case of an alarm or system status change. You’ll need to configure these notifications within the system settings. Check your user manual or contact your security provider for specific instructions on setting up alerts.

    What should I do in case of a power outage?

    In the event of a power outage, the Bosch Solution 6000 has a backup battery that should keep the system running for a period (usually several hours). If the power outage is expected to last longer, you should have a plan to replace or recharge the backup battery. The system will continue to function during the outage.

    What is the process for testing my Bosch Solution 6000 alarm system?

    Regular testing is essential to ensure your alarm system is functioning correctly. To test the system, you can put it into “Test Mode” by entering your master code followed by the “5” key. This mode allows you to test each sensor and alarm component without triggering a real alarm. Consult your user manual for detailed testing procedures.

    Buy Bosch Security Systems in Melbourne

    The Bosch Solution 6000, with its robust feature set and user-friendly interface, is one of the best alarm systems on the market today. Investing in this system means investing in your peace of mind, a decision you won’t regret.

    If you’re looking to have a Bosch security system installed in your Melbourne business or home, we’re here to help make the process simple. At VIP Alarms, we have been installing, servicing and repairing security systems and cameras in Melbourne for over 25 years. This experience, coupled with our affordable pricing and products from trusted suppliers, means you’ll sleep easier at night knowing your property is secure. As a Bosch Security Certified Partner, we are trusted and recommended by Bosch, so you know you’re getting trustworthy and high-quality results.

    For a quote on a Bosch security system or to discuss your needs with our team, contact us today on 1300 130 115.

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