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HiLook Camera Systems: Exploring Your Options

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Hilook Security Camera

With the need for onsite security becoming more important than ever, more and more property owners are investing in brand-new systems. If you’re currently in this position, chances are you might’ve come across the name HiLook. Offering a great view for great value, HiLook products are powered by Hikvision, a renowned worldwide leader in security solutions 

From IP to Turbo HD, Transmission and Video Intercoms, their product range includes a wide variety of different security solutions. Today, we’re going to cover the ins and outs of HiLook camera systems, as well as everything you need to know about each product and model

The Value of High-Tech Security Cameras

Whether you’re walking the streets, working in the commercial sector, or visiting a shopping centre, you will have noticed a growing amount of CCTV cameras in the city of Melbourne. Although they were once reserved for specific environments, these security cameras have also exploded in popularity within a residential context.

So, why are so many people investing in CCTV cameras? 
At the core, these security devices offer peace of mind, protection for valuables, and video footage for trespassing or security breaches. However, this is only a snapshot of the overall story. Recent technological advancements have dramatically improved the capabilities of modern CCTV cameras–with the HiLook series being no exception.

Key Features of HiLook Camera Systems

HiLook cameras come equipped with a host of features designed to enhance your security setup. Here are seven of the most notable:

High Definition Video

Capture clear, detailed footage even in challenging conditions. HiLook cameras offer resolutions ranging up to as high as 8MP, allowing you to capture script footage and every detail with clarity.

Powerful Software

HiLook cameras feature Hikvision’s advanced software, offering seamless remote access and management via the HiLookVision app. This allows real-time property monitoring from anywhere. Intelligent analytics, such as facial recognition and intrusion detection, ensure precise security alerts and enhanced situational awareness.

Innovative Features

HiLook stands out with cutting-edge technology like AcuSense, which distinguishes between humans and other objects to reduce false alarms, and ColorVu, providing vivid, full-colour images in low-light conditions. These innovations translate to heightened security and peace of mind, making HiLook cameras a smart investment for safeguarding your property.

Varied Lens Options

HiLook provides lenses that cater to different surveillance needs, specified in millimetres (mm) to determine focal length and field of view (FOV). These include 2.8mm, 4mm, 8mm, 12mm and varifocal lenses.

User-Friendly Interface

These cameras are easy to install and manage, featuring intuitive software for remote access. The HiLookVision app also allows for real-time monitoring, remote playback, and alarm management, making it easy to keep an eye on your property from anywhere.

Versatile Options

With options ranging from bullet, dome, and turret cameras, you can select a style that matches your specific surveillance needs. Whether you need to monitor a wide area or a specific point of interest, there is a HiLook camera that fits the bill.


These cameras offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making them accessible to a wide range of users. HiLook cameras provide exceptional value, combining cost-effectiveness with high performance, which is essential for budget-conscious consumers and businesses.

Interested in HiLook cameras? We’re your go-to team for CCTV systems in Clayton, Malvern, Melton, and all areas of Melbourne. Reach out to us today for a consultation!

A Detailed Look at HiLook Camera Models

Hikvision’s HiLook series includes a wide variety of camera models. Each style has its own set of features and is therefore designed to meet different surveillance needs. This may include everything from residential security to commercial and public space monitoring. Below, we’ll explain each style, highlight important specifications, and help you to determine which type is most suitable for your environment. If you’re already convinced and want to go get security cameras installed in Melbourne, reach out to the VIP Security team today!

HiLook Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are known for their long cylindrical shape, making them easily recognisable. They are ideal for outdoor surveillance due to their extended range and durability against weather conditions. Bullet cameras are typically mounted on walls or ceilings and are perfect for monitoring perimeters and entrances.

B261H 2.8MM 6MP

  • > Resolution: 6MP

  • > Lens: 2.8mm fixed lens

  • > Night Vision: Not specified

  • > Key Features: Efficient H.265 compression technology, 120 dB WDR technology, built-in microphone for real-time audio security, IP67 water and dust resistance.

  • > Best For: This model is ideal for environments requiring high-quality imaging and advanced features like human and vehicle classification based on deep learning. Its robust design and audio capabilities make it suitable for various outdoor surveillance needs, including commercial properties and high-security areas.
Hilook Bullet Cameras
The HiLook B261H 2.8MM 6MP: Image Courtesy of Hikvision

HiLook Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are characterised by their dome-shaped housing, making them less obtrusive and ideal for indoor use. They are designed to be vandal-resistant and can cover a wide area. Dome cameras are commonly used in retail environments, office spaces, and other areas where discreet surveillance is needed.


  • > Resolution: 6MP

  • > Lens: 2.8mm fixed lens

  • > Night Vision: Up to 30m IR distance

  • > Key Features: H.265+ compression, IP67 weatherproof rating, IK10 vandal resistance, built-in microphone, human and vehicle classification

  • > Best For: High-security areas in commercial and residential settings needing high resolution and robust build quality. This camera is perfect for environments that demand high detail and reliability, such as bank lobbies, high-end retail stores, and critical infrastructure facilities​.

HiLook Turret Cameras

Turret cameras, also known as eyeball cameras, offer a compact design with excellent night vision capabilities. They are versatile and can be used in various settings. Turret cameras are a popular choice for their flexible mounting options and the ability to direct the camera lens precisely where needed.


  • > Resolution: 8MP

  • > Lens: 2.8mm fixed lens

  • > Night Vision: Not specified

  • > Key Features: H.265+ compression, 120 dB WDR, IP67 weatherproof rating, built-in microphone, human and vehicle classification, PoE technology, MicroSD slot (up to 256GB)

  • > Best For: This model is perfect for high-resolution surveillance in both residential and commercial settings. Its advanced features and robust design make it ideal for outdoor installations needing detailed imaging and reliable performance in varying lighting conditions.


  • > Resolution: 6MP

  • > Lens: 2.8mm fixed lens

  • > Night Vision: Up to 30m IR distance

  • > Key Features: H.265+ compression, IP67 weatherproof rating, 120dB WDR, built-in microphone

  • > Best For: Suitable for outdoor surveillance in both residential and commercial settings. The high resolution and weatherproof design make it ideal for monitoring parking lots, entrances, and other exposed areas where detailed imaging and durability are crucial​
Hilook Turret Cameras
The HiLook IPC-T262H-MU: Image Courtesy of Hikvision

Where Are HiLook Cameras Most Suitable?

Residential Use

HiLook cameras are perfect for homeowners looking for reliable and affordable security solutions. The ease of installation and user-friendly interface make these cameras ideal for DIY security setups, allowing homeowners to monitor their homes with minimal hassle.

Commercial Use

For small to medium-sized businesses, HiLook offers robust surveillance options. The HiLook cameras are ideal for monitoring larger spaces and ensuring high-quality video capture, which is crucial for theft prevention and incident management. 

Business owners can benefit from features like remote access and real-time alerts, enabling them to keep an eye on their premises even when they are off-site.

Public Spaces

HiLook cameras can also be effectively used in public spaces, though they are best suited for smaller areas or specific points of interest. These cameras can be used in areas such as public parks, community centres, and small transportation hubs to enhance security and ensure the safety of the public.

Potential Drawbacks of HiLook Camera Systems

While HiLook cameras are cost-effective and reliable, they have some limitations:

Limited Advanced Features: They may lack some advanced functionalities found in higher-end models.

Integration Challenges: Compatibility with sophisticated existing systems might require additional equipment or software.

Basic Design: The utilitarian design might not fit well with modern, stylish environments.

Support and Updates: They might receive fewer firmware updates and less ongoing support compared to premium models.

A Quick Summary

HiLook camera systems provide an excellent balance between affordability and high performance, making them an ideal choice for a variety of security needs. Whether for residential, commercial, or specific public spaces, HiLook’s range of bullet, dome, and turret cameras allows you to find a solution to match almost any environment.  

By choosing HiLook, you get the assurance of Hikvision’s renowned quality and innovation, tailored for more accessible and practical use. Explore HiLook’s offerings today and enhance your security setup without breaking the bank.

Get a Professional Opinion

It has never been more important to have the latest security measures in order to keep your valuables safe and secure.

As you can see, there are many benefits that come with HiLook security cameras. However, it never hurts to get a professional opinion–and VIP Security is a company that you can trust for honest and transparent advice. We’ve supplied security solutions to some of Australia’s biggest companies, including IGA, BP, Priceline, and many more.

We can supply and install a wide range of affordable CCTV camera solutions from leading brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, as well as state-of-the-art warehouse security systems. Whether you’re after HiLook cameras or something else, we’ll work with you to find the best possible solution. 

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